BetWinner’s daily jackpot offers players the chance to win a huge amount daily. Go through this article to learn everything you should be aware of. We also offer suggestions on how to increase your chances of success.

Jackpot Features :

How can I get the chance to win the jackpot of the day?

First, you must have an active account with valid deposits. After this, you have to complete the daily task. It’s usually to make a bet on a certain event with a minimum amount. Once you have completed the task you are automatically taking part in the daily jackpot draw.

How much is the jackpot of the day?

The jackpot is different from day to day, however, it is usually a huge amount of money. The jackpot is divided between 10 winning bets. To speak numbers, the jackpot at the day when I am creating this promotion is more than 400.000 BDT . The biggest single win is 200.600 BDT .

Can I have bigger chances than others?

Yes, you can highly strengthen your chances by making more bets. The number of bets that are taking part in the draw is not limited by account. Thus, the more bets you make during the day the bigger your chance is going to be to win the jackpot. If you want to have the most chance to win this jackpot you have to check the minimum bet amount on the daily task and make as many bets with this minimum amount as many possible. Every single bet has the same chance of winning, the amount you bet on each ticket doesn’t matter. The jackpot is going to be awarded every day at 0:00 MSK.

How does a daily task look like?

Let’s make things crystal clear through an example. On a certain day, for example, the conditions you have to meet are the following: You have to make a bet on Dota in the worth of at least 100 BDT . Once you have done the daily task you will automatically take part in the draw for that day. If you are looking for other jackpot promotions check out our comprehensive online gambling bonus list.