Increase your betting on sports by taking advantage of BetWinner promotions and you could get cash, payout boost Cashback Free Bets, as well as real-world prizes such as soccer boots and entertainment system, tickets for sports events, and much more. In addition, if you’re a brand new account holder on BetWinner We’ll provide you with an additional 50% free Bet match as a welcome bonus to get up and running immediately.

Welcome bonus

Every new BetWinner customers will receive the usual welcome bonus. The bonus offers the customer with a Free Bet worth 100% of their initial deposit, with BDT1,000 maximum.

How does the welcome bonus work

Example: You make a BDT500 first deposit. You then have to make bets that are equal to 1,500 (3x 500) that have odds of 3.0 or greater. After your bets are made and paid after which you will receive your K500 Free Bets will then be added to your account instantly. You can make use of the K500 Free Bet to place a bet on any sports you’d like.

Special offers for once off

After you’ve made your first deposit with BetWinner You’ll start receiving promotional offers. The majority of these offers will be once off fixture/competition-specific promotions. A good example of offer would be the opportunity to get an additional payout when you make an three-plus multi Bet for the Champions League being played over an unspecified weekend.

These one-off promotions can be found in a variety of formats on a variety of sports. They may be in the form of an individual promotion or a week-long promotion to celebrate an important sporting event like that of the World Cup. Apart from the traditional BetWinner rewards such as Bonus Bets as well as cashback the promotions we offer often include real-world prizes. The past has seen we’ve given away televisions and gaming consoles automobiles tickets to watch the World Cup and more.

All BetWinner promotions are available through a variety of contact ways. Alongside receiving an email or SMS the offer will be prominently displayed on the site and a message containing an offer is delivered to your BetWinner email inbox.

Promotions on the horizon

In addition to one-off promotional offers, BetWinner offers a number of promotional offers that run continuously. One of them can be found in BetWinner’s 4-to-Score promo. The weekly game of prediction gives you the chance to win as a million dollars. You simply have to guess what team is likely to score the fastest goal after kickoff in four soccer leagues. The prize starts with a minimum of BDT50,000, and grows by BDT10,000 each week until reaching the maximum value of BDT100,000. The entry fee is not a cost and you must keep your predictions up to date every week for the chance to win a big prize.